Kannagi – 01

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What’s this? Yet another series covered for the new season?

Our new writer Marc would probably say it’s safe to note that this show has 100% more tree deities than you’ve ever seen before in an anime.

Scratch that.

Make it tree deities with idol spunk.

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RIP Winter Wonfes 2009

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So apparently the escalator disaster that happened at this past summer’s Wonder Festival was worrisome enough for the event’s executive committee to warrant a cancellation of the next one. Wonfes 2009, which was planned for next February, was apparently sunk by ramifications stemming from an ongoing police investigation as to who should be held responsible for a freak escalator accident that had otaku going one direction four floors-high one moment, then the other the next.

According to insiders like Danny Choo, apparently NONE of the authority figures behind the event at the Tokyo Big Sight will step forward and take responsibility. Therefore, the investigation has to had to pull teeth in getting some justice for the 10 people that were injured by the faulty escalator.

Sigh, it’s terrible that we won’t be able to enjoy what the figure industry has to offer on hand as well as on the horizon come this winter… But I suppose other events such as Hobby Expo (and possibly Comiket) will become even more important as publicity venues for these companies…

Here’s to whenever Summer Wonfes 2009 goes official!

Source: Anime News Network

Feds Intercept Otaku’s Freaky Sex Manga Package

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Just today, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (lol, I never even knew such an organization existed) announced that they’d be taking up the case of one Chris Handley, a fanboy from Iowa who managed to land himself in a whole bunch of trouble importing naughty manga from the land of the rising sun. The stakes? Handley’s massive otaku library of over 1,200 manga volumes, several hundred DVDs, tapes, and LDs (now you HAVE to know he’s hardcore), as well as multiple computers and hard drives worth of other material. Oh, and a prison sentence of up to TWENTY years in a federal pound-me-in-the ass prison (that or some white-collar resort, lol)

http://www.cbldf.org/ Defending your right to step your 2D fap game up.

Defending your right to step your 2D fap game up since 1986.

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Neta: wwwwwwwww

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One More Reason for Street Fighter IV

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My preorder is now confirmed.

I already liked what I saw from when I tried out the arcade version at San Jose State University’s student union, but I had a few extremely minor qualms about the game (does the game really need focus attacks? I really miss parrying).

However, that’s all just after the fact—Sakura just got confirmed as a console character at Capcom’s booth for this year’s Tokyo Game Show!

I imagine she probably hasn’t changed all that much from when I last played her in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but that’s just fine by me so long as they’ve decided to keep her awesome victory poses (need me some of that groove shuffle).

Source: Siliconera

Captions! – GA-REI -zero- 01 (Part 2/2)

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So... what's the contingency for a terror-summoning doomshota? Any ideas, Tōru?

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Captions! – GA-REI -zero- 01 (Part 1/2)

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Yeah... so what was this show about again?

Yeah… There wasn’t a ton of setup here to go through and in many ways GA-REI -zero- started off with what seemed to be a transitory episode (structurally speaking). Again, like Toradora! this wasn’t a show I was wanting to cover from the beginning of the Fall season, but a few people I knew seemed interested in it. I’ll probably do the next episode or two in this Captions! format, and if I like what I see I’ll go ahead and change back to a more standard-looking post per week.

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