The First Act

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Doujinshi are for moments like this.

Doujinshi are for moments like this.

When you first start a game of Battle Moon Wars, you’ll have to select between two protagonists that each have their own way of approaching enemies.

  • First up is Haruna Mochizuke, BMW’s equivalent of Super Robot Wars‘ Real Robots. As the blurb on her selection screen suggests she’s a ranged attacker that should be used with run-and-gun tactics. She starts off with low defense and HP so she’ll take a ton of damage if she ever gets struck by an enemy attack. However, she also has an innate affinity for evasion and a good accuracy rating making her counterattacks quite effective.
  • On the flip-side is Takumi Atsuta, the “Super Robot” of Battle Moon Wars. He’s the complete opposite of Haruna, being able to tank hits from enemy with his high HP and decent defense. However, he has to be relatively close to his target to hit them and even then his large weapon’s windup doesn’t translate into a very high hit percentage.

The game’s events will be seen differently depending on whose perspective you decide to follow. Just so you know, Haruna’s party starts off with more of a Fate/stay night flavor whereas Takumi begins by meeting Tsukihime characters.

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The First Act – Demo Trailer

Once you’ve picked your main character, you’ll be treated to the game’s first cutscene at Shin’i Headquarters. Takumi and Haruna have been called to their commanding officer’s, a talking cat named Mike, to be briefed about an incident in Misaki City. Haruna recounts recent events in the city and then reveals that she heard about what happened from Akiha Tohno, an old middle school classmate of hers. Apparently the battles in Misaki City (presumably from the events of Tsukihime and Melty Blood) have caused a spiritual stagnation that’s caused rather unsavory elements to appear. As a result, the town’s guardian, Akiha, has put out a distress call to Mike requesting for assistance in finding the cause of a new string of murders and restoring order.

Real/Super Route, Stage 01 – Beginning: To The Dark Alley…

Now at Misaki City’s “Back Alley” (possibly same alleyway Arcueid and Shiki first came across Nrvnsqr’s familiars in Tsukihime, among other events), Haruna and Takumi come across the origin of the stagnation. However, before they can investigate further a suspicious crow swoops in to attack…

  • Victory – All enemies defeated
  • Defeat – All allies defeated
  • Battle Mastery – Victory conditions achieved before end of turn 4

This is a tutorial level that will assist you on how the gameplay works. Right after you make any menu selection, you’ll be treated to an instruction screen telling you how to proceed. Anyway, even though you’re playing a tutorial level you’ll still want to avoid taking unnecessary risks as your characters can still be killed if you’re unlucky.

Your opening formation should be changed to give Takumi Haruna’s backup when he dashes toward the Vorpal Rat a ways ahead of him, so move her to his side before starting the stage. Next, have Takumi use Strike to guarantee a sure hit on the Vorpal Rat; otherwise you’re saddled with a not-so-pretty 60% chance of hitting the agile enemy. Next, make sure to move Takumi in and attack the rat; note that Takumi can attack enemies up to two spaces away, but doing so on the rat will allow it to land a sure-hit counterattack so rush right up next to it. If your lucky, you’ll land a critical and kill it in one strike, otherwise we’ll have Haruna finish it off. Before moving her, use Focus; she has a higher accuracy stat than Takumi with a 70% chance of hitting the rat, but not only do we want that upped to 100%, we also want her evasion up another 30% given her low HP. Have her attack the rat while being as close to Takumi as possible and end your turn. (END PLAYER TURN 1)

Remember, STRIKE and FOCUS are your friends.

Remember, skills like Strike and Focus make your life a LOT easier.

On the enemy phase if you moved Haruna close enough, the Getter-1 will set its sights on her given her lower HP total. Given how it has no chance to hit her and Haruna has a sure chance to counter it, set her to counterattack and let the battle play out. The spare Vorpal Rat should move in to attack Takumi, who has no chance to counter this enemy as its out of his range. Given how simply halving the rat’s 100% hit chance by trying to evade still leaves a good chance of being struck for full damage, just have Takumi defend for minimal damage. The other Getter-1 and the Crow will move in and wait. (END ENEMY TURN 1)

On your second turn, rebuff Takumi and Haruna with Strike and Focus respectively and have Takumi attack the remaining rat up close and personal. Keep Haruna close to where you moved Takumi and have her finish off the rat. (END PLAYER TURN 2)

The Getter-1s will then launch a new round of attacks. Defend if they target Takumi and evade if they go for Haruna. Once more the crow will move in closer, but should your party should still be out of its range. (END ENEMY TURN 2)

Rebuff Takumi and Haruna for the third and final time (their SP gauges should be close to empty by now) and have each of them attack one of the two Getter-1s. (END PLAYER TURN 3)

Baiting enemies to attack a buffed Haruna is key to this stage.

Baiting enemies to uselessly attack a Focus-buffed Haruna is key to this stage.

Hopefully both heavily damaged Getter-1s will try its luck against Haruna; punish them with counterattacks to finish them off. The crow will follow up their attacks with one of its own, again hopefully targeting Haruna and eating a counterattack for its troubles. Sometime during this phase, Haruna should have gained enough experience to advance to level 2. (END ENEMY TURN 3)

Now, if you’re going for Battle Mastery you HAVE to finish off the crow in this turn either with attacks during your phase or counters during its phase. Haruna should have close to a 100% chance of hitting it even with Focus, so she alone should be able to bring it down. If she somehow screws up, follow up with Takumi and hope for better luck.

————— MAP CLEAR —————

With the mysterious crow and its cronies (yeah, I know lol) defeated, Haruna and Takumi decide to split up with Haruna going off to the Tohno mansion to get in touch with Akiha and Takumi proceeding to do more scouting of the city.

I won’t give you a lot of suggestions on how to spend your hard-earned Battle and Fundamental Points throughout this walkthrough so feel free to level your characters how you like. If you feel a little lost on how to begin, I suggest playing to each of your characters’ strengths instead of trying to make them all-arounders. For example, try saving FP and empty slots to give lightweight counterattackers like Haruna here the Revenge skill which ups their retaliatory firepower by 20%.

Real Route, Stage 02 – Night of the New Moon

Elsewhere on the streets of Misaki is Rin Tohsaka, one of the Masters from the 5th Holy Grail War in Fate/stay night. Apparently she’s come to the area in search of a puppet master, but has instead been greeted with the serial murder cases plaguing Misaki. While she’s thinking to herself, Rin’s approached by none other than Nanaya who unsurprisingly presents himself as a homicidal maniac. After taking credit for at least some of the murders in the city, Nanaya declares that Rin is his next target…

  • Victory – All enemies defeated
  • Defeat – All allies defeated
  • Battle Mastery – Victory conditions achieved by the end of turn 5

Here’s your first real taste of Haruna’s route; you start off with only Rin under your control and she handles a bit differently than Haruna or Takumi. First off, she’s a magic user and can only attack targets a certain minimum range away. Secondly, she doesn’t have a large movement radius, but really that’s offset by her long-range nature. Lastly, if you move her from her starting position in any given turn she won’t be able to attack; essentially magic users artillery pieces of sorts, purely for support fire.

Magic users can be tricky to position, but are pretty useful.

Magic users can be tricky to get into position, but are pretty useful once they are.

Go ahead and start things off by moving her as close to Nanaya as possible. (END PLAYER PHASE 1)

At the beginning fo the enemy’s phase, Haruna will arrive on scene near where Rin started off at. Given Nanaya’s shenanigans against Rin, Haruna elects to join the effort against the knife-wielding psychopath. At this point, Nanaya elects to summon his undead underlings and the battle is joined. (END ENEMY PHASE 1)

Have Rin strike the Saori (redhead zombie) furthest away from her. You’ll see that magic type units rarely have to suffer a counterattack given how they strike from so far away, but as a tradeoff they typically don’t deal as heavy damage as a melee unit. You’ll notice that because Rin has the skill Hit and Away, she can move after attacking; just keep her in place for now. Next, buff Haruna with Focus and send her in front of Rin so she can also take a shot at the wounded Saori. Killing the Saori should net you another level up (3). At first it would seem that having Haruna Focus this early would be a waste given her accuracy advantage against the Saori units, but you’ll see why it’s a boon in the next enemy phase (END PLAYER PHASE 2)

The remaining Saori will try to avenge its partner’s downfall, but with only a 1% chance of hitting and a 115% chance of getting punished… Play that battle out and watch as both Ruriko units also attack Haruna. Each of them start off with a 14% chance to hit Haruna, who is out of range for a counterattack. Bring your risk down to 0% by having her evade both incoming attacks. (END ENEMY PHASE 2)

Since Rin also has access to the Focus spirit, have her use it and then attack the wounded Saori unit. Move Rin two spaces ahead of Haruna after the Saori falls. Next, have Haruna use Focus again and move her to the upper-left side of Rin so you can bring both Ruriko zombies into range. Take your pick of the two and attack. (END PLAYER PHASE 3)

Nanaya’s opening move will hopefully be to attack Haruna at a 25%/70% hit disadvantage. It’s up to you whether or not to risk a counter, but as a rule of thumb if the opponent’s hit rate is below 35% I usually take the chance. Regardless if you hit or miss, the Ruriko units will resume their attack on Haruna at a default hit rate of only 10%; evade to bring that down to 0%. (END ENEMY PHASE 3)

Once more cast Focus on both characters and have Rin finish off the wounded Ruriko; she won’t have to move afterwards given her proximity to the remaining enemies. Move Haruna a step forward and bring the remaining Ruriko’s HP down to critical. (END PLAYER PHASE 4)

Once again the same 25%/70% split is in effect on Nanaya’s attack against Haruna, and once more I say risk it. The Ruriko will try to attack, hopefully it’s Rin as that would mean a chance at a counter to finish it off and level Rin up (3). Afterward, move Rin a step or two back to bring Nanaya into range next turn. (END ENEMY PHASE 4)

Nanaya may be in the yellow range, but this attack will still do enough damage.

Nanaya may be in the yellow range, but this attack will still do enough damage.

You only have to bring Nanaya’s health down to around half full to defeat him in this stage, so go ahead and do so with a Focus-buffed Rin attacking first, then Haruna if need be. If you have gathered enough Will (120), you can even cap things off with a bang with Rin’s One Stone, All My Soul super attack. Hopefully you’ll have finished off Nanaya with these attacks for the Battle Mastery point. If not, see if you can seal the deal with counters when he decides to attack. (END PLAYER PHASE 5)

————— MAP CLEAR —————

At battle’s end, Haruna and Rin will speculate as to who that dangerous killer was and introduce themselves to one another. Rin identifies Haruna as a youkai and finds out that Haruna also has a partner helping out with the situation in Misaki. Suddenly a loud disturbance coming from the direction of the Tohno mansion interrupts their exchange, leading Rin to speculate on a possible connection to the Holy Grail Wars back in Fuyuki City…

Super Route, Stage 02 –

Real Route, Stage 03 – …Are You My Master?

Super Route, Stage 03 –

Real Route, Stage 04 – The Beast of Chaos

Super Route, Stage 04 –

Real Route, Stage 05 – Fight At The Abandoned Factory I

Super Route, Stage 05 –

Real Route, Stage 06 – Fight At The Abanadoned Factory II

Super Route, Stage 06 –

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