Kannagi – 01

What’s this? Yet another series covered for the new season?

Our new writer Marc would probably say it’s safe to note that this show has 100% more tree deities than you’ve ever seen before in an anime.

Scratch that.

Make it tree deities with idol spunk.

The OP for Kannagi is probably one of the most amusing to watch in a long while for a lot of reasons. The song is catchy and cute, the dance Nagi uses is adorable, and there are no static scenes used so it simply feels a lot more energetic. For every scene they use in the opening, every character is doing something aside from waiting for their moment in the camera.

Playing behind the local temple one day, a young Mikuriya Jin happens to capture a large spider. Caught from behind by a shrine maiden, Jin is distracted only for a few moments before a gust of wind blows and seems to take both the girl and the spider from the boy.

Ever have a beautiful girl come to life from a carving? Aside from your dreams I mean. Well that’s how the series starts out for Jin as he’s about to bring in his carving of a shrine maiden to be graded for school. Nagi’s actions and demeanor are hilarious in the aftermath as both try to make sense of the situation as to ‘why’ Nagi has manifested.

After going to the shrine to find out the Guardian Spirit Tree, aka: Nagi, had been cut down to clear some space to expand the temple, the pair discover that the impurities that the Tree had been purifying are coming to life. Nagi gets accosted by the little bugger which would normally taint any human that touches it, only to have Jin pull it off her and toss it with no ill effects, greatly annoying her in the process.

Once they go home and watch some TV, Nagi gets her ideas for a purification wand to help her exorcise the impurities before they start building up. Watching Nagi use her own Magic Girl choreography to try and purify the spiders was one of many funny parts of the episode. Finding the means to purify them with Jin’s help, the pair head home for something to eat.

Luckily for both of them Jin lives alone At home Jin begins to see all the difficulties in sharing a house with a girl, never mind that she also happens to be a goddess. After dinner and everything else is taken care of; including going to the store to buy Nagi a new set of clothing, panicking when she answers his phone, and giving her a taste of technology, the pair say their good nights and get ready for bed. In the middle of the night Jin is woken up by the sounds of Nagi making her way through the house, eventually showing that even goddesses use the bathroom.


Wow. Considering I’d never even heard of this series before I watched the first episode, I was completely blown away by everything the show threw at me. Nagi’s childish behavior being the large driver of the humor as she reacts to what’s happening around her in varying ways. I gotta say I’m glad I checked this show out as if the first episode is an indication of what to expect, then it’s a given already that the show won’t disappoint in the laughs department.

As to who I am, I’m a friend of Gerald’s who’s taking a stab at the anime blogosphere. Nice to meet ya.

~ by Marc J on October 13, 2008.

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