Captions! – GA-REI -zero- 01 (Part 1/2)

Yeah... so what was this show about again?

Yeah… There wasn’t a ton of setup here to go through and in many ways GA-REI -zero- started off with what seemed to be a transitory episode (structurally speaking). Again, like Toradora! this wasn’t a show I was wanting to cover from the beginning of the Fall season, but a few people I knew seemed interested in it. I’ll probably do the next episode or two in this Captions! format, and if I like what I see I’ll go ahead and change back to a more standard-looking post per week.

Tōru Kanze, the token stoic main character hero-type.

Japanese folklore 101: Colorful butterflies invokes a sense of a loved one's passing.

Natsuki Kasuga, the token very capable yet vulnerable heroine-type.

Incoming supernatural defense aerial battle fortress.

Are those...

...yeah, they're scouters.


I really should've taken the night off sick.





Face it, the main character's guns are ALWAYS more powerful.

Hate to be the poor sap that had to spent hours inscribing these damn things.

On the tires?! Why don't they just inscribe these things on uniforms then?

This show also has characters that practice bike-fu...

...and aerial tankers that drop payloads of holy water.

Complementary character types (Kudō Kusuno, Masaki Shindō) are complementary.

This season, only GA-REI can...

...pull something as...

...ridiculous as that.

Even the government experts agree.

Hell, even Gendo (Kiriya Konparu) here agrees.

He even has a bubbly Rei/loli-esque helper (Mami Izumi) at his side!

Kinda surprised a top-secret agency doesn't have specialized clean-up grunts.

Oh shi--- incoming ominous imagery.

And an ominous shota to boot!


~ by djudge on October 8, 2008.

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