Evangelion: 2.0 – You Can (Not) Advance

If you were freaking out about when exactly Khara and Gainax were going to announce the release date of the next installment in the Rebuild of Evangelion lineup, then you were (not) alone (lol sorry, couldn’t resist). It’s hard to believe that the first part of the remake series is already over a year old (September 2007), but it is what it is. However, Eva fans now have a new golden idol to worship as the second movie finally has a ballpark release date for theaters in Japan.

The third movies title will (not) have the pattern.

The third movie's title will (not) have the same pattern.

The official website for Evangelion was updated just this past weekend with a notice indicating that Evangelion: 2.0 – You Can (Not) Advance will be made available to Japanese fans via theater release early next summer (May/June?). This sequel looks to bring about the movie series’ debut of not only Asuka Sohryu Langley, but also her Unit 02, other Evangelions, and never before seen characters, objects, and sequences as well. Whereas Evangelion: 1.0 did little to deviate from the canon established in the TV series, the previews for this sequel seem to indicate many more drastic changes that will finally lead the franchise into a new line of continuity.

In any case, those outside of Japan probably aren’t as pumped about this given the huge gap between the theatrical and DVD (inevitably leading to fansubs) release: seven months. So if you aren’t in Japan for any portion of the film’s run… well, I guess it’s lights out until early 2010, lol.

Source: Anime News Network


~ by djudge on October 5, 2008.

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  1. the title sounds kinda weird…

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