“Them and Us” or “Why Mega Man 9 is Awesome”

Sure it slaps me around and locks me in the kitchen, but I still love it.

It slaps me around the kitchen, locks me in, and yells for dinner, but I still love it.

Just a day or two ago I logged onto my PS3 for another game sharing session with a friend of mine in order to nab a copy of the recently released Mega Man 9. Having only been marginally acquainted with various installments in the franchise over the last ten years, there was still something about Blue Bomber’s platforming exploits that kept me keen on new Mega Man or Mega Man X titles. As with most other genres these days, 2D platforming’s added a third dimension for players to explore, replacing the simplisticly awesome sprite aesthetic for lush and complex polygon models. And well, it’s in this 3D generation that really most of my room and floormates have grown up in. So there’s a bit of a gaming divide that becomes apparent each time that I start up Capcom’s very anachronistic effort; it starts with “Why does this game look so bad?” or “Is this Super Mario?” follows up with  “You should try Gears of War,” or “Why is this so hard?” and most often ends with a facepalm.

I can’t really hate on people for their preferences for casual gaming (the calls for Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band for the suite are deafening) or for their refusal to subscribe to gaming culture, but I can at least raise an eyebrow when folks knock something before trying it. Sure enough, there’s something pretty awesome about Mega Man 9, and you can only really get at it by giving it a fair shake with a controller in-hand. It’s not merely that shiny coating of 8-bit graphical and musical nostalgia (though it greatly enhances the experience for those that embrace that look and feel), but rather it’s that sense of eyeball-jabbing, kneecap-shattering, tooth-drilling, deep-colonoscopic difficulty that you’ve overcome once you beat one of the Robot Masters.

A sense of gaming accomplishment is something that’s not very high in stock among the folks here and it’s pretty god damn alienating when I let out a nerd whoop everytime I clear a level in Mega Man 9. Not a lot of games demand pinpoint accuracy and nerves of steel, and often when they do, it’s never for an ENTIRE GODFORSAKEN LEVEL. God, but when you finally get around to doing that single perfect run… it’s like decantering wine from impossible angles and heights.

…Or something…


Anyway, Mega Man 9. It’s recommended.

So get it.


Unless you’re a complete wuss too afraid to try something so challenging that it’ll knock your ass clear of your little comfort zone.

Image Source: Desuno!!

~ by djudge on October 4, 2008.

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