Macross Frontier Stretches to Silver Screen

Awesome, so my charger’s finally arrived and now I’m back in action!

To no one’s surprise, it looks as if Studio Nue’s newest entry into their flagship Macross franchise is getting its second wind in the form of a trip to Japanese theaters. Now that Macross Frontier has arrived at the end of its 25 episode run, it only makes sense for the production committee to follow up a successful TV effort with a full feature length escapade.



There’s really not a lot of details as to who’ll be involved with the project and in what capacity, but according to the promo attached to the final episode of Macross Frontier, it appears as if the forthcoming movie will be a compilation and retelling of the events depicted in the anime. As per the usual rigmarole with all these series to movie affairs, we’ll probably be treated to the usual increase in production values for fan-favorite scenes and sequences along with some “new” footage to help justify the cost of admission. Since I occasionally found my attention wandering over the last half of Frontier, color me interested in getting the Cliff Notes version some time in the future.

The general consensus is that this latest edition of Macross was a smashing success, but I was wondering how it fared overall in comparison to some of the older members of the franchise such as the original Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. Anyone up for a quick compare and contrast? I’m trying to justify going back and finishing up Frontier before the Fall season gets fully underway. But if a few folks find themselves meh’ing the ending as merely okay and nothing special, I’d rather just whittle it away over the rest of the year.

Source: Gigazine via Anime News Network

~ by djudge on September 25, 2008.

One Response to “Macross Frontier Stretches to Silver Screen”

  1. The ending is all right after rewatching… But the first time I finished episode 25, I was really mad at it to the point that I just wanted to delete all files related to this series!
    The series overall is like a roller coaster ride to me. It has a really strong and interesting opening for the first 7 episodes. I liked these episodes to the point that I have to pre-order/import the first three volumes of Blu-ray Disc. Then the show goes downhill, both in terms of the plots and the animation quality(namely episode 8 and 15). And then the show kind of picking up around episode 17 and 18. It’s getting more serious and darker. But the last episode really hits the ground.
    Based on overall enjoyment/rewatch value of the entire Macross series, I would rate SDF Macross = DYRL movie> Macross zero> Macross F >Macross Plus> Macross 7 (never finished watching Macross II)

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