Figumate: Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Capture of Teppelin Chapter

So here I am, bumming off some internets from one of the roommates to do some blogging. Not the most glamorous approach, but when you’ve got some magazines to bribe some internet time with you’ve got to make the most with what you have.

Anyway, just a few minutes ago I happened to spot a pair of recently released Figumates, a boxed gachapon-esque lineup from Konami consisting of small and relatively inexpensive PVC figures. The highlighted series this time around is none other than Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, whose first feature-length movie arrived in Japanese theaters only a short time ago. Being the bastion of capitalism that it is, Konami wasted no time by flooding the market with the first of two TTGL Figumate series on opening weekend:

Wait a minute... these look familiar...

Wait a minute... don't these look familiar?

 If you’ve been following the merchandise trail behind this franchise you’re probably experiencing a slight case of déjà vu right? Well that’s probably because you saw these figures previously attached to box sets containing booster packs for Konami’s Gurren-Lagann themed collectible card game. So, basically if you got suckered into buying those things (lol, like I did), then the batches in this article don’t really offer anything new: yup, that’s right, they’re virtually identical (obviously sans the cards).Pretty much everyone, including Traitor-tan, is a winner in the 2nd series. 

HOWEVER, I still can’t totally walk away from both these Figumate releases without giving them some kind of recommendation. There’s a ton of awesome female characters in TTGL that’ll never see release as a fully decked out larger scale release or have so far been criminally underrepresented (Nia for example, all these sculpts of Yoko and still no adult/evil Nia?!) and the Figumate lineup is a great way to sate your urge to have as much of the cast on your desk as possible. The articulation is quite limited, but given the overall bang for your buck in these pint-sized renditions, any collector would be totally satisifed with an investment here.

If you’re interested in importing, I suggest you put together an order before the end of the month. This is especially important for the first series given how at the time of this post’s publishing they’ll have been available to the public for over half a month now. You’ll be a little safer in terms of stock levels with the second series given how it’s set for release this weekend.

As with all gachapon-esque series, you’ll most likely have to buy these in boxes with multiple individual units in them. This particular series has 10 blind-boxed figures per box and retails for 4,830 JPY (~48 USD).

Source: アキバHOBBY


~ by djudge on September 24, 2008.

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