Arcana Heart Demands More Dollars…

…or so rumblings from this year’s Amusement & Music Operators Association International Expo have revealed. However, whereas the original Arcana Heart‘s PS2 port was localized by the folks over at Atlus, it looks as if America’s going to be treated to the sequel in arcade form only for now. So I guess you’ll be handing over chunks of change quarters at a time.

In an industry booth for the South Korean-based Andamiro Entertainment (the folks behind Pump It Up and the cabinets for In The Groove 2), an attendee at AMOA 2008 spied a setup for Examu’s all-female 2D fighter complete with an English build ready to accomodate non-Japanese speakers.

Since Examu never greenlighted a console port for Arcana Heart 2 (then again, the game’s been updated in arcades as recently as this past April), I haven’t been able to experience firsthand what had changed in the sequel. Maybe this localization effort’ll make it easier for folks like myself to give it a shot; especially since apparently there’s only six known import locations in the entire country!

Source: Arcade Heroes via Kotaku


~ by djudge on September 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Arcana Heart Demands More Dollars…”

  1. Cool, I really enjoyed the first one. (I have it for the ps2) Hope the second one is brought to the ps2 as well.

  2. Same here; definitely would like to see Melty Blood come over in some form as well!

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