Actress Again Exhibition Videos—Again

Late night YouTube sessions, gotta love ’em. I just happened to check out a few channels I usually haunt and lo and behold, Sega’s gotten around to publishing even more videos for the forthcoming 2D arcade brawler Melty Blood Actress Again. I’ve already taken a look at some Hong Kong location test footage as well as Sega’s video primers on the various styles the characters can employ, so you guys are probably already familiar with how I go about with my commentary. The same deal applies here as it looks like Sega’s going to be giving us one more go around with how each character looks (and sounds; yup, completely redone voiceovers!) in an even more polished build of the game.

[F] = Full-Moon Style
[H] = Half-Moon Style
[C] = Crescent-Moon Style

Sion Eltnam Atlasia [F] vs. Aoko Aozaki [F]

  • 0:06 – You’re probably tired of me mentioning this by now, but seriously those little touch-ups on the eyes are a pretty striking visual effect.
  • 0:23 – Gotta love the resulting vertical clearance after this Etherlite attack. Just another way for Sion to string into juggling combos.
  • 1:15 – There’s that fast projectile that I remember Aoko using in previous videos. Though it’s as fast as something as Ciel’s Black Keys, I’m still not sure how good of an addition it’ll be to her zoning strategy given how long she’s vulnerable after launching it.
  • 1:19 – Hmm… don’t remember seeing Aoko having a flash kick like that before. I wonder how it stacks up to the Sions’, Akihas’, and Ciel’s in terms of outprioritizing opponent attacks. Should definitely be worked into extending aerial combos.
  • 1:27 – Case for above point.
  • 1:46 – Heh, and perhaps there’s Aoko’s first aerial BnB for Actress Again.
  • 1:54 – Interesting… looks as if you can actually juggle with Aoko’s fast projectile! Unless I’m forgetting something, that’s a first for Melty Blood!

Mech-Hisui [H] vs. Akiha Vermilion [F]

  • 0:20 – Awesome, Mech-Hisui now has access to a companion drone to do her missile-launching and laser-shooting bidding.
  • 0:37 – Looks like as if Akiha’s Tsuki wo Ugatsu can now be performed in the air; wonder if it’s because you can no longer do aerial Tori wo Utosu…
  • 0:56 – Akiha’s Kemono wo Kogasu looks a bit more menacing now, it has more volume now instead of being a mere soft tint on the ground…
  • 1:04 – …lol, and looks like you can lay up to three of them simultaneously which obviously points to a slightly different activation command. If you recall, in earlier iterations of Melty Blood 22+A or B or C would set one down and a second one would activate it.
  • 1:17 – A straight shot EX maneuver? Looks like Mech-Hisui’s gotten a little more straightforward in her Half-Moon Style.
  • 1:36 – Yipes, an aerial BIIMU!
  • 1:45 – Oh jeez, I don’t even want to think how far the effective range is on that EX technique. Hopefully if you’re on the receiving end it has some kind of minimum range.
  • 2:21 – Hmm, I wonder if Mech-Hisui’s traded in her jetpack for these summons… they do seem to be more useful in a direct damage sense.
  • 2:31 – Then again, it looks as if her summons can be defeated if they take damage themselves unlike conventional projectiles. I guess this makes them more suited for the defensive game Mech-Hisui should be played under.
  • 2:34 – lol, drill dash mania here! Earlier, Mech-Hisui had managed to connect with one and I believe it induced wallslam; pretty nifty.

Red Arcueid [H] vs. Shiki Tohno [H]

  • 0:14 – Oh what the hell! They nerfed Red Arcueid’s crazy voice! Where’s that awesome blood-curdling shriek/wail/cackle at!?
  • 0:20 – Wow, that almost makes up for it. A new ground-based projectile ala SNK that removes the range limitation she used to have when she only had the Alt Shule to rely on.
  • 0:35 – Hmm… looks like Red Arcueid now has a variation of the Vyze Katze/Alt Jager that doesn’t simply teleport or grab, but rather sets up the target for an aerial chain or combo. Oh, I’ll definitely be using that!
  • 0:47 – Shiki also seems to gain a new teleport/dash attack: some kind of kick that induces wallslam.
  • 0:54 – D: At least they kept her j.2C jollies intact!
  • 1:11 – D:| Not enough crazy…
  • 1:45 – Wow, a nice distance maker if she ever needs breathing room. Nice bonus to also have it as an option in midair.

White Len [H] vs. Michael Roa Valdamjong [H]

  • 0:19 – Crazy ranged attack from Roa here. I half-expected it be some kind of dash-in maneuver so color me surprised that he afterward he was more or less in the same spot he activated at.
  • 0:21 – At first glance, this attack’s probably not the best choice as a lead-off poke on the ground. It’s definitely much better off in my eyes as anti-air, similar to Warakia’s ridiculous 2B.
  • 0:25 – With all of these electricity-based attacks, it should be no surprise that Roa can pull off a Blanka impersonation.
  • 0:26 – A variation of the attack seen at 0:19; so it seems you can have Roa dash in after all!
  • 1:28 – Wow, if they hit you can pop up your opponent to get zapped by a second blast. Hmm, I wonder if you can just opt to use this as a launcher if you’re quick enough with the input…
  • 1:33 – With Red Arcueid a lot tamer now, it looks like it’ll be a race between Roa and Warakia for the craziest mumblings post-match.
  • 1:41 – I know Roa and Ciel have a deep connection, but c’mon now… really? Couldn’t the developers have at least tried to make them look a little more different?
  • 2:05 – Kouma’s crazy about driving his arm into people and it looks like Roa’s a leg guy.
  • 3:14 – Roa’s EX version of the downward bolt attack; essentially acts like a faster Akiha’s Tsuki wo Ugatsu except with a possible minimum range.

Satsuki Yumizuka [F] vs. Ciel [F]

  • 0:20 – Ciel’s Black Keys have gotten some new functions; here’s a new multi-Key spread that deters incoming enemy movement.
  • 0:21 – Oh c’mon, seriously? Is that Ciel’s new j.A? Sheesh, then again she’s in Full-Moon Style so there has to be a trade-off somewhere.
  • 0:24 – At first I thought the player was just spamming Ciel’s Shield Bunker, but it looks like these flicker jabs may come standard with the Full-Moon Style.
  • 0:28 – Satsuki’s poke here looks sort of ridiculous.
  • 0:40 – Oho, a dash-in ground throw? Seems like a nice enough upgrade that’ll definitely complement that trusty dash Ciel has.
  • 1:15 – EX flicker jab? Do want.
  • 1:31 – Hahaha, it’s that slip and slide Satsuki at it yet again! Okay, I guess that’s where the slightly ranged ground option comes from now that 6A/2A looks completely whack for her in Full-Moon Style.
  • 1:33 – Oh shi— you can add Blowback Edge to it!
  • 1:55 – Hmm… some kind of new EX Black Key technique that strikes with a shadow wave after the Key itself has lodged into the ground.
  • 3:10 – lol, yeah I’ll be honest, I’ll probably be spamming this ridiculous EX throw the moment I get a chance to demo the game.
  • 3:15 – Great Scott! Satsuki now has a legitimate ranged EX threat!?

~ by djudge on September 12, 2008.

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