Yoko – Nendoroid PVC/ABS (Good Smile Company)

Given how there’s just been a release of a Gurren-Lagann compilation movie, and the future release of its sequel seemingly just over the horizon, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in the figure scene have decided to revisit the franchise, and its more voluptuous gun-toting heroine, to cash in with some timely releases. Kaiyodo has its Fraulein Revoltech, Alter’s going all-in with not one, but TWO out-of-this-world 1/8 PVC sculpts, and now Good Smile is taking its chances by having Yoko featured in their highly successful and visually distinctive Nendoroid series.

For the Gurren-Lagann fan with a taste for pint-sized flair.

For the Gurren-Lagann fan with a taste for pint-sized flair.

For the most part, this will be a fairly standard Yoko release, with the only accessories being her trademark electrical anti-Gunmen rifle and her tinted shades. In terms of stacking up with the average Nendoroid loadout this may seem to be a bit lacking; really now, only two accessories? However, given the sheer size of the weapon and the possibility that Yoko can only wield it by swapping out her default limbs for specialized ones and well, you can see why a third trinket (such as a single rifle round) wasn’t tacked on. Lastly, it looks like Yoko’ll continue the tradition of Nendoroids shipping with three faces (I guess that number fits well in with the package designers over at Good Smile given the standard square box the entries in this line all ship out in). The faces do a pretty good job at covering the depth of emotion we saw slapped onto her mug over the course of the series and should play to whatever preferences you may have at the time. GAR Yoko? Slap on those shades and that O:< face. Moe Yoko? Swap in that o:> face. It’s as simple as that; as is always the case for the charming Nendoroid line.

Given the propensity for some the Nendoroids’ top-heavy design (those noggins are pretty hefty) to tip over on occassion, I fear for the chopsticks on the back of her head. Given a high enough fall, I don’t think the material’s sturdy enough to withstand a direct impact with the ground (unless you’ve got marshmallow flooring or something). As with all Nendoroids, make sure you’ve got a stable place on your desk clear away from any edges if you’re planning to drop a few dollars on her.

Nendoroid Yoko’s still a bit a ways off, with a potential release date set for sometime in February of next year. So you’ll have something along the order of just under half a year to pony up 3,500 JPY (~35 USD) to nab one of your own.

Source: アキバHOBBY


~ by djudge on September 10, 2008.

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