2ch Reacts to Gurren-Lagann Movie

Not too long after Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann ended its epic original run on Japanese TV, the folks over at Gainax announced that a pair of compilation movies would be produced to both help summarize the story and accentuate its pivotal moments. That was a year or so ago and along the way the fanbase’s been treated to a couple of goodies to help whet our appetites. For starters, when Gainax president Hiroyuki Yamaga made his annual visit to San Jose’s FanimeCon this past May, he decided to bring 30 staffers with him to visit the San Francisco Bay Area; a huge treat for American fans of Gurren-Lagann and the studio as a whole. It was at this con that we were first given hints at what we would eventually come to recognize as the Gurren Lagann Parallel Works, a series of music videos taking songs from the soundtrack and matching them up against footage of the characters in alternate universes. Then in July at Anime Expo, Shoko Nakagawa, the singer behind the series OP “Sorairo Days,” performed a live concert in which she gave the world premiere performance of “Tsuzuku Sekai,” the theme song for the first movie.

The Music Station performance was a pretty solid performance!

Shokotan gave a rock-solid performance of Tsuzuku Sekai on Music Station recently.

And now here we are, the first weekend of September and the official premiere of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: Guren-hen. So, did the movie end up piercing the heavens?

Well now that fans in Japan have had a few days to soak things up, the first reactions have inevitably found their way to 2ch’s anime boards. By virtue of the internet nerd information pipeline’s wonderful powers, this meant that it wouldn’t be long before English-speaking netizens got the heads-up as well. Case in point, my source for the reactions: 4chan’s own /m/ board:

Ugh, I dread having to endure emo-Simon yet another time.

Ugh, I dread having to endure emo-Simon yet another time.

DX!? How much crazier can the banana mech possibly get?

DX!? How much crazier can the banana mech possibly get?

Ill always remember Hayashi-sensei for the Simon/Boota sketch she did for me.

I'll always remember Hayashi-sensei for the awesome Simon/Boota sketch she did for me.

So yeah, it looks like Kamina still doesn’t meet Nia, meaning that the two titans of GAR and moe’ll never meet face to face. At the very least it looks like they’ll be involved in the so-called best new scene in this movie; definitely looking forward to the gravitas there. Also it looks like either Thymiliph kicked the can in the same battle that claims Kamina, or his character was completely taken out in favor of advancing Viral as an antagonist/rival. I’ll guess the former since removing Thymiliph completely would ruin the DNA scheme the Four Generals had going. What else… oh, hmm looks like as if a new variation of the Giga Drill Breaker attack will be shown off, and with Sushio animating the sequence to boot. If you’re not familiar with the name, you’re definitely familiar with his work. Sushio was the guy who did the key animation for the awe-inspiring debut of the Giga Drill Breaker way back in episode 8 of the anime:

Anyway, looks like as if Guren-hen ends without advancing to the timeskip portion of the show; this is a pretty big surprise since it adds the extra challenge of managing the transition in the second, and presumably final, movie… Hmm, I wonder how Hiroyuki Imaishi and the rest of the production staff’ll pull that off… I guess we’ll find out some time next year, hopefully. Till then, we folks here stateside can only wait and bide our time for the DVD release of this first movie by watching promos like:

EDIT: Oh crap, I forgot to add the small photos of some print ads promoting Guren-hen which include some good shots of the new Gunmen featured in the movie.

Virals Daiganzandu

Viral's Daiganzandu

The Four Generals' Dotenkaizan

Yokos Yoko M Tank and Ailaks Ainzer plus1

Yoko's Yoko M Tank and Ailak's Ainzer plus1

Source: チェキ空ブログ

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