NisiOisiN’s Work Finally Explores Animation

While I’ve been reading light novels on and off ever since I found I needed a way to kill time between college classes, it’s only in the past week or so that I’ve decided to get serious with this particular medium of Japanese pop culture. Instead of strictly reading only the original or adapted light novels behind some of my favorite anime, I ended up branching out primarily with two pretty awesome channels: the fan translations freely available to the public at Baka-Tsuki as well as the first English release of the Faust anthology line by Del Rey.

It’s in Del Rey’s treatment of the Kodansha-published Faust that I was first exposed to Ishio Nishin, aka NisiOisiN, one of the top light novel writers currently active in Japan. Given his young age, born in 1980, I assume he’s one of the true geniuses in the field. I mean, the guy isn’t even thirty yet, but in only six years of being active as a writer, NisiOisiN’s already been responsible for putting out over twenty-five titles and a handful of other short stories. This guy’s capable of putting out so much material that he even successfully managed to publish a light novel a month (the twelve volume Katanagatari series) for an entire year!

Hopefully this isnt the only time we see NisiOisin anime...

How did it take this long for his work to get animated?

And it’s not like the stuff he writes is trash or diluted either. I mean, for example, in the first English release for Faust readers were treated to an excerpt from his upcoming light novel based on CLAMP’s xxxHOLiC titled xxxHOLiC ANOTHERHOLiC Landolt-Ring Aerosol. While the story itself wasn’t all that compelling, his command of the characters and the nuances of their personalities was by all means capable of keeping reader interest and then some even without CLAMP’s trademark stylings on hand.

So as you can see, it goes without saying that I’m pretty pumped to see how his original works stack up. Currently, I’m worming my way through his Zaregoto series and have yet to be disappointed in the first few chapters completed thus far. However it looks like not long after I finish the Kubikiri Cycle (Beheading Cycle), we’ll all be able to take in the anime of another one of his works, the Bakemonogatari series.

The cookie-cutter premise of Bakemonogatari probably won’t grab many people at first glance. In a very small nutshell, the plot can be summed up as starting off with a mysterious tsundere (pictured above) falling from the sky into the arms of a young man and the two grow closer together from then on thanks to assorted mayhem and convenient adventures. However, if you peel back that superficial synopsis and toss it out the window, you’ll see the underside of a plot that’s furnished with a couple of wacky tweaks. For starters, the leading man is a recovering bloodsucking vampire fiend with some kind of mystery mental baggage that compels him to be kind and empathic. Then there’s the fact that our sharp-tongued tsundere heroine doesn’t seem to weigh much… err, well, ANYTHING at all. Toss in some manzai routines, fan service, budding romance, mix, and serve; now you’ve got Bakemonogatari.

Tsundere falls from the sky; cue the ensuing hilarity.

Tsundere falls from the sky; cue the ensuing hilarity.

Not convinced yet? What if I said the folks at Shaft were in charge of the animation production? And what if you knew Akiyuki Shinbo (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Hidamari Sketch) was in charge?

There’s no set premiere date for the first episode of the series, nor any indication on how long the title will run for. Still, with all the coverage I’m bound to provide on things NisiOisiN, you’ll be sure to hear these particular details whenever I do.



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