Nagato Yuki (Bad Witch Ver.) – Figma PVC/ABS (Max Factory)

Ever get bummed when you read about a new figure only to find out a little later on that it’s a limited issue release for special events only? I’m talking about all the convention exclusives and game package extras fans have likely come across throughout the years. You could either suck it up and accept that chances are you’d never be able to get your hands on the goods or you’d have to expend large amounts of time and/or money trying to get the said product. Personally, I’ve never given into the temptation of blowing cash in a packaged combo or a trip to a specific event just to get exclusive extras, but I can see definitely relate to the allure.

One such product that had a few collectors left with pangs of longing was the Nagato Yuki (Bad Witch Ver.) Figma that had been released to attendees of last month’s Wonder Festival 2008.

Thankfully, shes not so limited these days.

Thankfully, she's not so limited these days.

I had never really followed the release schedule of Figma products until only in the last few weeks, so there’s a good chance I could’ve missed Max Factory announcing a wider release plan for this awesome figure. Either way, people who weren’t fortunate enough to be at Wonder Festival can now get their grubby mitts on this version of Yuki, complete with her Bad Witch alien costume from the SOS Brigade’s ridiculously awesome The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina skit as well as her bass from the ENOZ concert.

While this is probably not the best classic Yuki PVC adaptation out on the market today, that would go to Max Factory’s earlier 1/8 release from last summer, it definitely has a leg up on its bigger cousin due to the bass guitar. For me, that was pretty much the iconic image I had of her from the anime so I don’t even consider buying a figure of her if it doesn’t have it.

Anyway, check out her official entry for to take a look at the complete accessory list in this release. It almost justifies the heightened price tag, but it’s because of that little hike that I’ll be holding out on getting this Yuki until after I snag the Hatsune Miku Figma.

Yuki rocks out your deskspace this September for 3,000 JPY (~30 USD).

Source: Moeyo!

~ by djudge on September 6, 2008.

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