Robot Damashii~~~t

I know it’s a bit harsh to completely rail and harp on someone (in this case, this someone is ultimately financed by a corporation that raked over $300m USD in pure profit last year) for putting out what they probably think is a fine and dandy product… but, when it looks like there isn’t any soul, any effort in it… Yeah, that’s when people like me, people who spend a good chunk of change on their hobby, feel like they’re about to be taken advantage of well, more than usual anyway. Enter Bandai’s new overpriced meh-child, Robot Damashii.

Its amazing, but some folks will unfortunately somehow buy into Damashii...

It's amazing, but some folks will unfortunately somehow buy into Damashii...

I was first brought to attention to the lineup via Danny Choo’s coverage of Chara Hobby 2008. According to Danny, the series premiered at the even with its maiden project, the Gundam Exia of Gundam 00. The figure itself will be pre-completed with no painting or further assembly required and in that regard a good matchup against its main mecha figure rival, Revoltech. However, unlike Revoltech not only is there no locking Revolver joint, but it seems as if there’s no spiffy paint finish. Upon closer inspection Danny noted that the Exia on display seemed a little lackluster, as if Bandai opted to use colored plastic not unlike the parts you clip off a runner when you build Gunpla. There’s a good photo on Danny’s blog showing the Exia in a decent pose… but with yucky visual definition (or lack thereof).

The insult to injury here? Bandai wants 2,625 JPY (~26 USD) for the Exia and they’re expecting suckers to start lining up for one as early as October. For that kind of cash I’d expect at least panel lines to be drawn in already or at least some decent decals…

Oh whatever, if they’re going to charge that much for one of these things, I’d rather dabble in a similar scale Gunpla for just about the same amount. Heck, and I’ll actually have a better time since I can build the thing how I want in the first place.

Source: Danny Choo


~ by djudge on August 30, 2008.

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