Another Corner of Gensokyo Now in English

For a while now, fans of Touhou and 2D fighers alike have been enjoying Immaterial and Missing Power, a piece of doujin soft released back in 2004. In an attempt to make the gameplay itself a bit more similar to the game’s danmaku/bullet hell predecessors, IaMP was noted for being a fighter that had a heavy orientation on long-ranged attacks. While you could still do a hefty amount of damage with a more traditional melee approach, you could also raise as much hell depending on how well you managed each characters’ differing projectile attacks.

If you enjoyed IaMP, you may want to try out its 2008 sequel Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

If you enjoyed IaMP, you may want to try out its 2008 sequel Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

If you weren’t Japanese-literate, you most likely had to refer to a translation guide (such as the one online at the Touhou Wiki) to get an understanding of what each character’s spell cards could do. Now, that’s all a thing of the past since the folks over at have finally been able to solve all of the game’s English-only fans’ woes.

I haven’t had IaMP installed since late last year so I won’t be able to try out the translation patch for myself until I can get around to squeezing in time for another game. However, it seems more or less decent from what I’ve been able to see on the trailer the translation group has provided:

As an aside, it also seems as if has also put out a final version of their awesome netplay client, Cowcaster. Fighting games are only so much fun against the CPU and the logical next step to get the most out of the experience is to find, play, and learn from players better than you online. I’ve haunted the various versions of Melty Blood via netplay before, so who knows, you just may see me on IRC dabbling in IaMP channels again!

Source: via Tenka Seiha

~ by djudge on August 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another Corner of Gensokyo Now in English”

  1. I’mmna hafta to ask, I’ve tried to install the english patch many a time, but it stops when asking where you wanna save it(i.e. /c:/program files) Does anyone know what to do for this problem, Ze? >_<;

  2. Hmm, sounds like you could be having an impasse any number of steps during the installation process. If I’m reading this right, you may have to point the patch to the correct installation directory… or you could try redownloading a fresh copy of the patch and see if that works.

    Either way, hope you’ve found your answer and if not, there’s always the option of consulting the team at that put the thing together.

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