Alter Plots to Slay my Wallet




Okay, so by now it’s no surprise to people reading coverage on Chara Hobby 2008 on the web that Alter’s showcased an incredible prototype at this year’s event. I mean, no one else to my knowledge as even come close to the amount of GAR and sheer hotness exuded by their version of timeskip Yoko.

That silhouette! Can it be!?

Apparently Alter thinks that GAR Yoko isn't enough...

The sheer amount of sculpted detail on this upcoming release is staggering; it’s almost as if it were meant to be a resin kit destined to be in the hands of only the most hardcore collectors. However, the figure gods have deemed it that their divine instrument, the fine folks at Alter, will be the ones to orchestrate this work of art. Sheesh, take a look at that jacket! When’s the last time you’ve seen anything that vivid rendered with PVC? It was probably hell for the original sculptor (bless his/her heart whomever they are) to get all those creases and folds painstakingly in there in addition to getting the tailend of the jacket to flutter up like that. Man, what a dynamic windswept image… lol, you can almost see the Gunmen behind Yoko exploding into scrap!

We can only imagine what it'll look like in color... D:

This is all pure eye-gasm for fans of the GAR side to Yoko’s character (something I believe wasn’t shown enough in the anime anywhere near enough), but what about subscribers to her other main persona? Yes, that’s right, where’s the Yomako-sensei love!? I mean, c’mon, I’m pretty geeky enough collecting figures as it is, but there’s NO WAY IN HELL I’M EVER BUYING INTO DAKIMAKURA.

Oh, but Alter have you and I covered. Big time.

You see, Alter doesn’t have just one Yoko release ready to eviscerate wallets and disembowel checking accounts come sometime next year… they have two. And the other one’s just as good, maybe even better (for other kinds of Yoko fans).

2009’s going to be a very poor year for me; after skipping out on most of 2008’s releases it looks like I’ll be spending even more than I did in 2007 thanks to the quality future lineup that Alter seems to be revealing at just about every major event in recent memory. Partnering off with GAR Yoko is none other than Yomako-sensei, her awesome peacetime cover identity! Now in a slightly more socially-digestable form!

(ι´Д`) (ι´Д`) (ι´Д`) (ι´Д`) (ι´Д`)

(ι´Д`) (ι´Д`) (ι´Д`) (ι´Д`) (ι´Д`)

Rugged lines and sharp cuts exchanged in for smooth curves and glasses?


Seriously, when can I start forking my money over?

Anyway, for more shots if these two lovely figures check out the original photography @ アキバHOBBY.

Source: アキバHOBBY


~ by djudge on August 30, 2008.

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