Flashbacks! – Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam 02 (Part 1/2)

So… here I am back on track to resume my thoughts on Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam blow-by-blow, episode-for-episode. I had originally planned to take on an episode a week, but yeah lol, not according to keikaku.

Anyway, when we last left off all hell had broken loose at the space colony! The Titan base had just been chased off an AEUG agent when one of their “skilled” pilots decided to park his Gundam Mk. II into the side of an administration building. And not too soon after that, the Argama’s signaled to bizzap the hell out of Gryps II! So, without further ado, back to the chaos!

lol, Gundam's never been an advocate for stealth.

With the Argama having cut out a good chunk of the colony’s superstructure (for the life of me, I can’t figure out what the hell that shot did exactly), it would seem as if now was as a good time as any for Quattro to send his Rick Dias team in. Apolly takes the initiative and blasts the hell out of the colony’s hull point blank with his clay bazooka and awaits Quattro’s orders. But Quattro’s momentarily stalled by having picked up someone’s labored breathing pattern thanks to a pseudo-Newtype Flash. He can’t immediately place whose it is, but goes as far as to compare the sensation as being similar to Amuro Ray or Lalah Sune’s (the accompanying graphic reveals Kamille’s manly bobcut, who else) before finally establishing it’s someone he doesn’t know.

Time restores itself from Quattro’s little introspective moment and we find Kamille running through the forest. After absentmindedly leaping from a perfectly working army jeep he looks a bit worse for wear, but all is good as he’s finally at his destination… the very same Titan base he fled less than half an episode ago. In the distance he spies one Gundam Mk. II digging out the one Jerrid crashed last episode out of the rubble of the building it crashed into. After a short “oh, I’ll get you mean Titans” moment courtesy of Kamille, Quattro takes back center stage as he orders his wingmen to assist him in capturing one of the Mk. IIs. A raid siren begins to echo throughout the base and the crashed Gundam is loaded up onto a flatbed hauler. Jerrid gets out from the cockpit and down to the ground when suddenly a jeep pulls up.

Now how did a nice lady like Emma ever become a Titan?

Now how did a nice lady like Emma ever become a Titan?

It’s none other than First Lt. Emma Sheen! She was the other key character to this series that made her debut back in the first episode, alongside Jerrid. She didn’t have any spoken lines back then, so I saved her introduction for just now. Anyway, she gives Jerrid a good grilling for his little misadventure to which the hotshot pilot offers the feeble excuse of being ordered to showboat for the new recruits. Apparently part of his menu of the day was low-altitude flight and since he didn’t want to crush homes in the residential district he settled for crushing vital army resources instead (nevermind that there are VAST expanses of uninhabited forests all around the base).

Suddenly Bright shows up on the scene wondering why the two pilots haven’t scrambled yet in light of the blaring alarms all over the place. Emma speculates (correctly) if there’s an AEUG attack taking place, an idea that Bright also subscribes to. At that, Jerrid commandeers a nearby jeep and moves to standby while the base confirms the presence of AEUG intruders.

Meanwhile Quattro and his men break formation as they’re spotted by anti-air batteries? King Ghidra? Something. Though loathe to further damage Gryps by fighting inside of it, Quattro acknowledges that their too close to the Gundam to take the battle elsewhere.

Awww, its cute how GM pilots think they can actually do something!

Awww, it's cute how GM pilots think they can actually do something!

The Feddies’ intercept force is revealed to be a group of four RGM-179 GM Mk. IIs (don’t let the Mk. II designation fire you up, they’re still as ruddy as ever). Quattro blips some buttons, and pulls some levers, and presto-changeo: a beam pistol pops out from somewhere in his Rick Dias’ bulk. lol, that was nice and all, but it turns out he didn’t even need to waste juice on the pistol’s energy cap since he opted to deploy the head-mounted 55mm cannon instead!

49, good show!

Random GM #1: Lasted from 05:19 to 05:49, good show!

Quattro makes short work of the first two GMs that have the poor luck of flying into his crosshairs. A third Federation pilot is completely bewildered at why the Rick Dias’ can’t be hit then proceeds to dine on a bazooka round for his needless analysis. The last enemy pilot admits that the GM’s antique clunker specs couldn’t hold a candle to the VTEC-powered rigs the AEUG’s upgraded before doing his best grunt death scream.

Meanwhile, Bask Om (the token creepy looking villain and Titans field commander) watches the festivities ongoing at Gryps II from the relative safety of another Titans outpost on the nearby Gryps I colony. With him are Jamaican (that’s pronounced Jya-mai-kahn, not yah man) Hannington, another Titans bigwig, as well as a Lt. Franklin (aka Kamille’s father), who seems to be the classic flopsweat stooge. Together the three quickly surmise that the AEUG incursion on Gryps II is most likely an attempt to scout out information regarding the Gundam prototypes. Bask ends the conversation by announcing he’d like a closer look at the battle and leaves for Gryps I.

Gross chin issue; even grosser in motion.

Gross chin issue; even grosser in motion.

With Bask (and his chin) now en route to Gryps I, the episode switches perspective back to the Rick Dias team who have to swat down more flies GMs. More snide comments are made and the landscape of Gryps I is showered with even more spare GM parts and scrap. A particularly humorous sequence here is one in which the Rick Dias team lures the pursuing GM into a steep dive from which they pull out sharply, leaving the hapless cannon fodder mobile suits to faceplant and explode.

One of the GMs meets terra firma close to where Fa Yuiry is driving by; she’s back in the residential district helping her mother evacuate to an emergency shelter. As they’re driving by Kamille’s house, Fa stops the car and tells her mother to continue without her as she’s going to try find our plucky teen hero. Little does she know that he’s actually snooping around the Titan base and has just been caught by some armed sentries. Lucky for Kamille one of the guards recognize him as Lt. Franklin’s son and allow him to continue on-site.

Yknow I always did like its Titans colors more than its AEUG ones...

Y'know I always did like its Titans colors more than its AEUG ones...

In the skies above, the Gundam Mk. IIs have finally made contact with the Rick Dias team and the two sides duke it out free (mostly) from lame GM interference. Down below in the hangars, Bright inquires as to who’ll be piloting the refurbished Mk. II sprawled down on the flatbed when the answer literally walks up to him. To his (and the audience’s) surprise, it’s Emma who formerly introduces herself as a credentialed Titans pilot. Then suddenly, the pattering of feet and the flash of dark blue hair heralds Kamille’s arrival on the scene. Before Bright can stop and identify Kamille, the hand of a GM (lol) crashes through the rooftop! In the chaos, Kamille spots Jerrid (who’s just pulled him to the hangar to reclaim his Gundam) and immediately tags him as the target of his emorage before climbing into the Mk. II himself.

I dont think Ill ever get tired of power-up eye effects on mecha.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of power-up eye effects on mecha.

After Emma’s surprise at Kamille’s ability to handle the Gundam, and Kamille’s little plug on the merits of hacking your parents’ computer, the restored third Mk. II unit rises to its feet. Bright continues his warnings for Kamille to stop messing around via loudspeaker, but eventually relents as he sees the boy succeeding in getting the huge robot to stand.

Seems as if Bright’s got a case of lol nostalgia…



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