Nasca – 1/6 PVC (Art Storm)

Holy frickin’ crap.

Where to begin with this future release… I guess it should be known I’m an absolute fan of Shunya Yamashita and the women depicted in his artwork. His penchant for drawing full-figured attractive female character designs combined with some pretty radical accessories have always screamed imagination in a sublime blend of cute, pop, and dangerous. As such, both of his artbooks (Sweet Dreams and Wild Flower) have shot to the top of my favorites list and heck, the next time I see them for a decent price I wouldn’t skip a beat in snapping them up.

Pocco, is that you?

Pocco, is that you?

Anyway, I came across this gem after checking up on Mikatan’s blog and immediately confused it with Pocco, a Yamashita character that was adapted a while back as a Fraulein Revoltech by Kaiyodo. I mean, they both seem to have lost their pants, bare their midriff, for some reason have goggles, sport awesome metallic wings, and carry bigass swords they probably can’t swing very well. I’m no expert on any mythos or lore that Yamashita may have concocted in the past, but obviously these two are related somehow. D: I really should buy those artbooks!

Anyway, there are just two things preventing me from placing this on the preorder list this very minute… First off, at 7,800 JPY (~78 USD) she’s a bit prohibitively priced, especially for a poorer collecter like myself that’s already eyeing other similarly priced releases this winter. Secondly, I’ve read about anything from Art Storm, much less handled and seen any of their finished product (to my knowledge anyway). Add to this a prior release being rated as mediocre by Heisei Democracy and well… yeah… I’ll definitely be waiting until after initial release for some reviews to start trickling down the pipeline.

Nasca is set to make a bid for your wallet sometime this December.

Source: Mikatan Blog


~ by djudge on August 25, 2008.

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