Ishikawa Returns to Mecha Anisongs

Very well played Sunrise.

Going to Anime Expo 2007 for me was pretty much spurred on by pretty much what everyone else was going there to see: the SOS-dan girls (Aya Hirano, Yuki Goto, and Minori Chihara). However, I was pleasantly surprised when the group I was with decided also to attend a singer that we had only heard of before because if her connection to the super-composer Yuki Kajiura. So as it would turn out, that singer was none other than Chiaki Ishikawa who headlined her performance with the three songs that she performed for the then currently airing Bokurano, the hauntingly beautiful OP “アンインストール” / “Uninstall” and EDs “Little Bird” and “Vermillion.”

She was modestly dressed and carried herself with the dignity of a true professional, but still remained playful enough to have fun with the crowd. So when she revealed the trials that she had to go through with Kajiura to break out on a major label and the fact that she finally managed to establish herself as a solo act at an age where pop stars usually fade away was pretty awesome.

Anyway, Bokurano has come and gone and while I’m flat-out conflicted as to how Gonzo adapted it to animation, I’ll definitely remember Ishikawa’s music for many years to come. Flash forward to today and I find out via Gunota that she’ll be attached to Gundam 00 as the artist behind its second season’s first ED and we’ll… color me more interested to see the first part of 00’s conclusion. It’s an old trick, but if the actual plot doesn’t get people to watch the show, then sign on artists you think the audience would like to hear.

Very well played indeed.

Source: Gunota Headlines

~ by djudge on August 24, 2008.

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