Gwendolyn – 1/8 PVC (Alter)

In a previous post, I had mentioned my adoration of Vanillaware’s Odin Sphere and it should also be known that this love doesn’t stop at the game itself. It stretches beyond that to the artwork of George Kamitani and the rest of the creative team at Vanillaware whose creativity hadn’t been showcased in a major release since 1997’s Princess Crown on the Sega Saturn. In fact, for those who appreciate great artistry in their games, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Odin Sphere Artworks collection which was released last year. But, I digress from the purpose of this post: the upcoming PVC interpretation of one of the game’s heroines, Gwendolyn, by our friends at Alter.

My third favorite valkyrie after Lenneth and Hrist.

My third favorite valkyrie after Lenneth and Hrist.

The sculpt is no less than what I expect from Alter, this time from the hand of Tokuhou Fukumoto. You can’t have a decent interpretation of Gwendolyn’s character without a sense of grace as well as majesty and both of those qualities come through in spades here. For starters, that intrigued look on Gwen’s face fits right in with her reserved, benevolent character. Her Psypher spear, inherited from her late sister Griselda, is wielded high above her head giving us a nice secondary focus of attention that balances out her intricately painted wings. Closing out this release are a nice scaled skirt, a splendid chrome finish on her armored leggings, and a simple tree stump base bolstered by a full clear plastic platform for greater stability.

I’m not usually a fan of getting figures of this design given their increased likelihood of developing into leaners (oh I wonder how long that right ankle of hers will hold out, lol), so chances are I won’t be getting this. Then again, I don’t live in much of a climate that would have plastic softening temperatures, so…

Anyway, you (and I) have until sometime this December to make up your minds about whether or not to drop 8,190 JPY (~82 USD) on her. If you haven’t ponied up for a more expensive release this year, this may be a good candidate for a purchase.


lol, awesome catch there Moeyo!

lol, awesome catch there Moeyo!

Source: AmiAmi via Moeyo!


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