The 108 Stars of Destiny Realign For Nintendo

As some of you may have heard, earlier this month information on a new trademark for the Suikoden franchise was filed by Konami for use in North America. Naturally, speculation ensued as to what exactly this “Suikoden Tierkreis” was. Some held out for the possibility that it was a subtitle for the eagerly anticipated Suikoden VI on next-gen consoles while others supported the idea that it could be the Japanese-only PSP ports of Suikoden I and Suikoden II. Now, everyone finally has the answer:

Yeah, hunting for all 108 Stars is back in season.

Yeah, hunting for all 108 Stars is back in season.

Looks like this mysterious game has finally been outed as a handheld RPG, specifically for release in the near future on the Nintendo DS. The general Suikoden formula of tense political stalemates, a diverse array of recruitable Stars of Destiny, and the quest to defeat an insidious evil doesn’t seem to have changed in Tierkreis (a definite plus for fans of the series, and I’m sure castle building will be back as well). Furthermore it seems as if the game will be featuring animated cutscenes, something that I’ve been missing terribly since the fantastic opening sequence for Suikoden III that was done by the folks at Gonzo.

Oh for Petes sake, ANOTHER Suikoden hero that uses staves?

Oh for Pete's sake, ANOTHER Suikoden hero that uses staves?

One last interesting bit revealed in the scans is a doing away of Suikoden’s overworld navigation by maps; looks as if characters will be traveling on foot the entire time instead of arriving to warp points to the world map. Pretty interesting as it’ll give a new way to appreciate Suikoden’s geography (do I spy the Howling Voice Guild I spy in one of the scans?).

More on Tierkreis when further details pop up later this year.

Source: VideogamerX via Siliconera


~ by djudge on August 20, 2008.

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