Bakuman Learns English, French, and German!

While we wait for the next installment of Bakuman to show up in this week’s Jump (ack, forgot there wouldn’t be any last week given the last release being a double-issue), everyone can go checkout Bakuman‘s first chapter over at Jumpland… in English, French and German! Remember the manga has only recently premiered and this is the first time Jumpland’s posted material in anything other than Japanese, so this is pretty eventful stuff going on right now.

God, I hate plugins and the resource bloat...

God, I hate plugins and the resource bloat... but I'll make an exception this one time.

Seems as if the folks over at Shueisha want to capitalize early on the install base Ohba and Obata have thanks to Death Note and have gone ahead and made their new manga as accessible to as many audiences as possible. Jumpland releases are usually only temporary affairs, and the Bakuman pre-licensing multi-language treatment is no exception. So, remember to stop by before the exhibition concludes at the end of the month!

Note: Okay, maybe not accessible to that many people. Sorry Mac/Linux users, Jumpland only seems to run on systems running Windows XP or Vista. Additionally, the website also requires you install a proprietary plugin to view the manga.

Source: Anime News Network


~ by djudge on August 19, 2008.

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