…And I’ll Form The Script!

News about a possible Hollywood live-action adaptation of the 1980’s mecha series 百獣王ゴライオン / Hyakuju Ou GoLion!, better known to the West as simply Voltron, first broke out three years ago. Back then it was Mark Gordon, a producer attached to quality projects such as Saving Private Ryan and Grey’s Anatomy, who was leading the charge for the film along with such associates as Pharrell Williams, of N.E.R.D and The Neptunes. A few years have come and gone with the film still in the bowels of development hell having not secured a solid budget or script to work with… till now.

Even though Mark Gordon is still attached to the project, it seems as if newer names and entities have entered the fray to help re-structure the plan to bring Voltron to the silver screen. New Regency (a satellite of the Fox Entertainment Group) appears to have secured the rights to the original Japanese property from Toei Entertainment, and a new financing firm, Relativity Media, has stepped in to supply the production with a new, lower, more conservative budget. Presumably audiences won’t be treated to the same kind of eye-candy that DreamWorks and Paramount poured all over their recent Transformers adaptation, but Relativity has made it known that they’ll be employing the same kind of techniques used to make another blockbuster, Zack Synder’s 300, look so good yet hurt much less at the wallet.

A screenplay candidate has also emerged from the pen of Justin Marks, who has also recently helped put together scripts for potential live-action treatments of the Green Arrow, He-Man, and the greenlit production of the new Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li. I’m not exactly a fan of the first two franchises and I’m not too keen on putting Street Fighter to film ever again, so color me nonplussed at having read that Marks’ script does little to grab my imagination on where Super Robot movies can go. A similar campy anime translation, Speed Racer, didn’t have the strongest script either given it’s decision to abide strongly by the source material, but at least it had go-go, acid trip, eye-molesting, inverted color vertigo effects to melt viewers in their chairs so they wouldn’t have to suffer through the lame story. Now, Voltron doesn’t even have that. I sure hope Pharrell’s still willing to drop beats for this flick, it’ll at least make the soundtrack worth listening to.

Source: Variety

~ by djudge on August 18, 2008.

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