Roberta – 1/6 Cold Cast Resin (New Line)

While Revy may be Black Lagoon‘s leading lady, the series was pretty good about introducing a whole crop of femme fatales. Possibly the most memorable of which was none other than Roberta, the former FARC killing machine that gave the Lagoon Company a run for their money. As posted over on アキバHOBBY, Monthly Sunday Gene-X, the magazine that publishes the ongoing Black Lagoon manga, have a booth going at Comiket 74 that showcases a new cold cast resin rendition of Roberta.

Hmm, some of the finer details on the guns and her dress arent painted in...

Hmm, some of the fine details on the guns, maid uniform, and hair ties aren't painted in...

The pose itself is fairly appealing having been lifted off the cover illustration to the 6th volume of the manga. The expression on Roberta’s face is a bit subdued, but that’s of course due to the nature of her robotic personality I suppose. All in all this would’ve probably been a total buy had it been a PVC figure, but given how it’s a heavier, and more expensive, resin production, there are a few flaws that in the prototype that I hope are rectified in the final release. First off, if you notice in this shot, the travel stickers present on Roberta’s suitcase have a fair degree of detail on them. However, the same attention isn’t paid to the buttons on her uniform and her hairties which have always traditionally been white. Furthermore, the white apron she’s wearing just doesn’t seem to carry the same sense of depth to them as the darker portions of the outfit. The creases in the apron should definitely be darkened somehow as they look dull, similar to a Gundam model without panel lines. Lastly, there’s a bit of an issue with the seamlines near her waist.

If you’re a fan of Roberta and were underwhelmed by the PVC treatment of the character by Sol International back in 2006, this is probably your last shot at a decent figure of her until the anime’s announced third season gets underway (sometime in 2009 hopefully).

Roberta locks and loads in December of this year with a bounty of 17,640 JPY (~180 USD) on her head.

Source: アキバHOBBY


~ by djudge on August 16, 2008.

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