Tohsaka Rin – Figma PVC/ABS (Max Factory)

Here’s my first highlight out of Comiket 74, coverage on the forthcoming release date of the Figma version of Rin Tohsaka. Having been scared off from future the Fraulein Revoltech figure by the lackluster showing of the Rei Ayanami release, I had hoped that Max Factory would try their hand at one of the other leading ladies from Fate after their phenomenal work on Saber.

Cool armor isnt the order of the day, but cool hair is.

Cool armor isn't the order of the day, but cool movable hair is.

According to the official description put out by Max Factory it seems as if portions of Rin’s shirt and her skirt will be made out of a softer material to make it easier on moving her other limbs around. She’ll also be coming with two expressions, the stern and serious one seen here as well as one with a yell for more dynamic poses. Lastly, her accessory loadout seems to be the same standard fare we’ve always seen Rin armed with: the dagger Azoth, her trademark mana-imbued jewels, and the Jeweled Sword Zelretch.

Not as big on Rin as I am on Saber and Sakura, but given the tightness afforded by the joints on Figma releases, there’s a lot to love here if you’re a total Fate/Stay Night nut. I’ll be keeping her on the checklist of eventual gets, and I can recommend that if you love either FSN or Figma (or both!) you should as well.

Rin’s takes a break from the Holy Grail War to hit retail later this month on the 25th, expect to drop around 2500 JPY (~25 USD).

Source: figma via  Moeyo!


~ by djudge on August 15, 2008.

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