ARX-8 Laevatein – Revoltech PVC/ABS (Kaiyodo)

Fresh off the pages off the pages of the eighth Full Metal Panic! novel, 2006’s 燃えるワン・マン・フォース (Moeru One Man Force / Burning One Man Force), this week is Kaiyodo Revoltech’s adaptation of the formidable ARX-8 Laevatein.

Smoked 3 Behemoths and 3 Codarls in under six minutes.

Smoked 3 Behemoths and 3 Codarls in under 6 minutes.

While I can’t say that I’ve followed the exploits of Arm Slave pilots as much as I’d like to (never did finish reading both parts of Ending Day by Day), I can safely say that the Laevatein’s quite possibly the most badass machine in the entire FMP! universe. I mean for starters it wields a non-standard issue 165mm cannon that has a kick so huge that it’ll knock even the Lambda Driver-enhanced Laevatein flat on its back!

Calling it a cannon might be an understatement.

Calling it a cannon might be an understatement.

The orange and red highlights make for some nice aggressive flair to an otherwise modest paint job. Be sure to check out other pics at Moeyo! for a look at another unique feature of this figure; its oversized optional part loadout. In order to make space for a whopping 18 additional accessories and alternate parts, the package has been laid out to be nearly three times as large as for a standard Revoltech figure!

Good grief, and all for the same price as a regular Revoltech!

Good grief, and all for the same price as a regular Revoltech!

Sousuke You can get your hands on the Laevatein starting this Friday, the 15th, for the awesome price of only 2590 JPY (~25 USD)! A great bang for your buck that more than balances out the bad taste of Kaiyodo’s other release this week.

Source: Moeyo!


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  1. […] Back when I purchased the original Gurren-Lagann release earlier this summer, I felt that I had gotten a pretty good deal, considering the figure also came with a nice Core Drill accessory that would work very well with cosplay. If anything, the set only left me wanting for a larger drill that could be swapped in for one of the Gurren-Lagann’s hands whenever I wanted to do a true Giga Drill Breaker pose. But whatever I suppose, I mean there were other incarnations of the Gurren-Lagann from later on in the show that Kaiyodo would want to be working on and besides, I doubted they would ever be able to fit such a ridiculously sized accessory into the box in the first place (argh, how I wish that figure went oversized now to do just that, much like the upcoming ARX-8 Laevatein). […]

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