Winnie the Pooh Arrested After Thieving $200

Looks as if a ring of young thieves running loose near Kita Ward, Tokyo were rounded up by the local police today after assaulting a 27 year-old man near his house. The four thieves, a 20 year-old man named Masayuki Ishikawa and his three high-schooler accomplices, had caught their mark off guard and dragged him off to a local park. Here, they then proceeded to take 180,000 JPY and give the victim a busted lip for his troubles.

Ishikawa was apprehended shortly thereafter as it seems his intimidating Winnie the Pooh disguise failed to do its job. When asked by the police why he’d dress up as the beloved Disney character, Ishikawa responded, “It sounded like a good idea at the time.” Brilliant.

Adding further to the facepalmery in this story is the fact that Ishikawa and his hoods procured their disguises from the house of a 16 year-old male high school student. Now what the hell is a guy that age doing with a Winnie the Pooh costume in his closet?

Source: Mainichi Daily News


~ by djudge on August 12, 2008.

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