Seriously Though, MBAA Needs a Release Date

I had originally wanted to post this update last weekend, but had to take care of a few things offline. So, after forgetting about it till now, here’s a short breakdown of an exhibition clip that Sega decided to put together detailing snippets of each of the new features integrated into Melty Blood Actress Again.

Riesbyfe Stridberg

  • Crescent-Moon Style – Riesbyfe’s first Crescent-Moon EX is a three-part chain that does a decent amount of damage that seems to also induce wallslam as a bonus. Next up is an EX aerial chain ender that gives you priority on your opponent’s wakeup as it pops them up while you begin your descent.
  • Full-Moon Style – First is a non-EX charging thrust that builds a good 30% of Magic Circuit and induces wallslam. Next is an EX throw that would seem to be a bit ineffective from afar given the misleading hitbox (Riesbyfe’s body as opposed to the end of her weapon; the attack may be similar in nature to Ciel’s Heat/Blood Heat: Seventh Holy Scripture).

Sion Eltnam Atlasia

  • Half-Moon Style – It looks like she can now use her etherlite to give her shots different angles; this should make for some interesting zoning options.
  • Full-Moon Style – First up is another look at the cancellable Etherlite Air which can lead into more destructive EX manuevers and/or her Heat/Blood Heat: Black Barrel Replica. The next technique shown is her EX long-range wallslam inducing Warning Shot. It seems to use up all remaining ammo in the Black Barrel Replica, but this is a moot point as while the opponent is reeling from wallslam, Sion automatically reloads. The last technique shown is a new ground-based EX variation on the classic Slide Air (Kyou) attack; this should give her a new way to supplement the Etherlite Ground/Warning Shot tandem for her mid-range game.


  • Full-Moon Style – Her ground-based bread and butter combos should benefit nicely from this first technique as it can bring back hitstunned opponents back into range for additional follow-ups (in that case, a well-executed air combo topped with an Slide Air [Kyou]).

Arcueid Brunestud

  • Full-Moon Style – Her only showcase is centered around a new uppercut maneuver that seems to be quite linkable to its EX version. This could be a good option for players to mixup their approaches on the open screen when their opponents escape the corners.

Red Arcueid

  • Crescent-Moon Style – The only manuever shown here is a new EX move that seems to be her longest-ranged option, this should enhance Red Arcueid’s already highly regarded zoning capability.


  • Full-Moon Style – In a nod to previous gags comparing Ciel to Ryou Mashiba from Hajime no Ippo, Ciel gains an EX flicker jab that induces wallslam. Lastly, Ciel gains an anti-air option (good alternative to her tried and true j. B) as well as a mid-to-long range ground based look for her Black Keys.

Yumizuka Satsuki

  • Full-Moon Style – In order to mixup Satsuki’s option post-Sacchin Arm, the developers have opted to give her an EX Kishima Kouma-esque aerial downward throw. Satsuki’s upward lunge upon the move’s activation should make it easier to hit the opponent.

Warakia no Yoru

  • Full-Moon Style – Warakia’s regular version of the Summon Creature (Gestalt) saw limited use in high-level play as a combo-ender only. This new version seems to give the move more application on the ground.

Arima Miyako

  • Full-Moon Style – She gains a new EX elbow drop and EX flying kick that both hit from mid-range (pretty good additions given her otherwise weak reach). The latter of which also seems to be a good lead-in for aerial combos off the wall in corners.

Tohno Shiki

  • Full-Moon Style – First off, it seems as if Shiki’s gained Nanaya’s Sensa: Hitokaze. Lastly, it looks like Shiki’s Sensou: Rikugyo (Kyou) can now go horizontal instead of diagonally upwards. The wallslam properties of this particular move make it especially receptive to aerial combo follow-ups.
  • Half-Moon Style – Looks as if the Daigiri’s possibly gained some clash properties that will allow it to serve as an air launcher in a pinch?

Nanaya Shiki

  • Full-Moon Style – Looks as if Nanaya no longer depends on attacking with Nanatsu-Yoru when in the air having added a flashkick-esque attack in the mold of Ciel, Sion, and Sion TATARI.

Aozaki Aoko

  • Full-Moon Style – Aoko gains a respectably fast projectile that deals leaves the opponent in a considerable amount of hitstun upon impact.

Kishima Kouma

  • Crescent-Moon Style – Kouma’s ground-based combos seem to benefit from a new highly-chainable attack that will seek to relax his dependency on command throws to do most of his damage.
  • Full-Moon Style – The main addition here is a new throw, with an alternate EX version, that can be used as an anti-air technique.


  • Full-Moon Style – This style sees Hisui add new EX techniques which call forth a throne (whose purpose can’t be verified through the clip) or a ladder which can be used as an anti-air wallslam.


  • Full-Moon Style – Her Battou: Himitsu no Wazamono (Kyou) is altered to induce wallslam instead. Furthermore, it seems as if her Magical Amber Missile can now be used as a ramming attack instead of strictly dropping Molotov cocktails (good as a deterrent for the would-be throw counters).
  • Half-Moon Style – Kohaku now has access to a new EX item summon which can be hit around the stage for a few moments before exploding for light to moderate damage. Lastly, she also gains an EX baseball swing which launches her opponent across the screen in an upward arc.

On the Mechanics of Guard Crush, a Crescent-Moon Style Technique

  • Here a Red Arcueid player has likely been on the receiving end of a corner rushdown or staggered blockstrings. As such, her guard meter has been depleted and all it takes is a single move to completely shatter her guard and leave her wide-open to eat Nanaya’s Sensa: Meidakesamon. After taking the damage, Red Arcueid’s guard meter immediately begins to refill rapidly.

On the Mechanics of Gauge Filling, a Full-Moon Style Technique

  • With the White Len player giving her a break, this Riesbyfe decides to go ahead and charge her Magic Circuit gauge in an effort to activate Heat/Blood Heat.

On the Mechanics of Shield Counter, a Full-Moon Style Technique

  • Instead of opting for going for provoking an opening following a more precise EX Shield, Sion TATARI decides to spend some Magic Circuit to activate her Shield stance. Instead of being given of merely avoiding blockstun, Sion TATARI responds to Ciel’s Shielded blow with her own Shield Counter.

On the Mechanics of Auto Spark, a Half-Moon Style Technique

  • Having just eaten a nifty aerial combo from Miyako, Nanaya’s shortened Magic Circuit (200% max in this style as opposed to 300% in others) is filled by the damage he took in the air. Upon wakeup, he automatically enters Heat. Miyako zips in to try and take action before Nanaya can, but eats an automatic Circuit Spark upon contact (god, Auto Spark looks absolutely useless and potentially infuriating; I for one highly value my ability to choose when to enter Heat/Blood Heat or to bail out of pressure with a Circuit Spark).

~ by djudge on August 12, 2008.

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