Ryougi Shiki (Garan no Dou) – 1/7 PVC (Good Smile Company)

Right smack dab in the middle of an ongoing 7-part movie series from the folks at ufotable, Kara no Kyoukai‘s Ryougi Shiki is set to make her return to figure form later this year courtesy again of the folks over at Good Smile Company:

Definitely love this one over the first release!

Definitely love this one over the first release!

Cripes, take a look at the decal embroidery on her kimono’s obi; absolutely breathtaking, quite possible the single most wow-inspiring feature of the release.

Complete with the look inspired by the cover to the 2nd novel published in 2004, Shiki makes her return to retail this November for 6500 JPY (~65 USD).

Source: Good Smile Company, via Moeyo!

~ by djudge on August 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ryougi Shiki (Garan no Dou) – 1/7 PVC (Good Smile Company)”

  1. Why is it the figure called (garan-no-dou)? Shiki does not have a katana, much less this pink kimono until Mujun Rasen (Paradox Spiral).

    In Garan-no-Dou (Void Shrine), Shiki has long hair for pretty much the whole chapter, not to mention the bandages over her eyes.

  2. I was actually also wondering myself why GSC decided to include that subtitle to this release…

    My only guess would be that it’s just a reference to the company Tohko runs, and that Shiki works for, which is also called Garan no Dou.

    Heh, let me know if you find an answer though!

  3. Exactly what genuinely inspired u to publish “Ryougi Shiki (Garan no Dou) – 1/7 PVC (Good Smile Company) しかし!
    / shikashi!”? I personallycertainly liked the blog post!
    I appreciate it ,Jacklyn

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