As most PS3 owners know, the first big PS3 exclusive after Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet is set to release sometime in October (according to some Japanese shopkeepers, the 30th). Despite there being only limited looks at the title (even with E3 ’08 having passed us by a few weeks ago), what little that has been shown’s been enough to whip up a stir among the growing throng of fans.

Not a huge God of War fan, but you almost turned me...

Not a huge God of War fan, but you almost turned me...

Billed as a platformer with varying levels of a puzzle-solving element, LBP’s designed around the notion of creativity. Sure there’ll be standard levels created by the developer for right-out-of-the-box play, but the real hook is the ability for players to create their own obstacle courses. And apparently, if you impress the staffers at developer Media Molecule enough, you can even earn additional online storage for your levels and have the opportunity to charge others in the community for your premium creations. Combine that with what seems to be a robust online content delivery and co-operative play system (PSN remains just as stable as its always been these days, remaining free of charge and game-affecting lag even with the ever-increasing numbers of PS3 owners logging on) and the large amount of buzz that this game has is justified.

Anyway, back on topic: SCEA’s just announced all the different pre-order goodies that’ll be available to people willing to shell down a few bucks for a security deposit. Strategy guide (Bradygames, lol), stickers, and burlap sack aside, people will have a chance to snag a Sackboy/girl in the mold of Kratos from the God of War series or Nariko from Heavenly Sword.


Ehh, I'm sure people will love these, but I'm gonna pass...

Not bad, but personally I would’ve taken a plain Sackboy or even a Helghast soldier from the Killzone series.

Source: Playstation.Blog

~ by djudge on August 5, 2008.

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