Birth of the Metal Devil

Well, my two-day venture into typesetting and timing has come to an end. I simply couldn’t wait any longer for people to sub a 12 minute show, so I ended up matching up the speech bubbles from scum-scans‘ releases of c3 and c4 of the Detroit Metal City manga with the lines in this OVA. Could’ve translated it myself, but after being discouraged by the vocals in the pseudo metal performances I ended up getting lazy.



DL @ NyaaTorrents

Sure hope scum-scans don’t mind, and if they do… lol, well that was just too much work for one person so I probably won’t do it again.

Anyway, keep checking back for the DDL when I get around to finishing the upload!


EDIT: Just checked out the actual page for Studio 4°C’s treatment of the series and realized that dmcripper had only been able to find only a single QUARTER of the whole first DVD. As per miyagiCE’s comment below, just wait for scum and Huzzah’s version if you want to see the rest of the stories (that’s EIGHT total, all taken from the first few volumes of DMC).


~ by djudge on August 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Birth of the Metal Devil”

  1. I loved it, a pity that worthless series like Strike Withches is extremely oversubbed and awesome stuff like this isn’t being picked by fansub groups.

  2. Hell it has been out since just two days give the subber some time…

  3. Hello,

    this is miyagiCE from Scum-Scans. We were not aware that the episode was out already. We’ve been waiting for the 8th for it to go on sale. We are actually intending to sub this as a joint project with Huzzah-Fansubs.

    I would kindly like to ask you to cease matching our bubbles to the text – not because we particularly mind, but because we will retranslate it properly according to the anime. We’re intending to do the live action movie too.

    Please feel free to ask any questions you might have and contact me through the email address provided.

    Best regards,

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