Ramen Movie to Feature Murphy, Cheesy Plot

Synopsis from media8entertainment’s official page for The Ramen Girl:

Abruptly abandoned by her boyfriend, a young American woman (Murphy) finds herself suddenly alone and adrift in Tokyo. Lost in the shuffle of a foreign culture, and seeking to console herself, Abby winds up hanging out in her neighborhood ramen shop. After observing the magical effects of the shop’s ramen on the customers, Abby convinces herself that her true path in life is to become a ramen chef. Abby persuades the shop’s tyrannical, temperamental Japanese master chef to teach her the art of making ramen. And although their relationship is contentious and rocky, they both discover the most important ingredient of all – that each ramen bowl must contain a universe of feeling and truly be a gift from the heart.

While trying to emulate the spirit of previous culture shock efforts such as Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, or to a much lesser degree the more recent In Bruges by Martin McDonagh, I can only imagine what was running through director Robert Allan Ackerman’s head through principal photography. You see, when I think of movies’ top billing for leading lady, the name Britanny Murphy sure as hell doesn’t come to mind. I mean, she could be the best person face-to-face, but when you’re only really effective playing second fiddle at best (25% lifetime rating at Rotten Tomatoes)… Yeah… but I guess indie directors don’t always have the luxury of getting established talent. Toshiyuki Nishida may not have the same star power as Murphy, but I’d be damned if he didn’t have the more impressive resume; instead of seeing this drab, low-key budget release direct-to-DVD, I wonder what stalled the production company from at least releasing in Japanese theaters first…:

So basically:

Socialite girl wallowing in a bad case of the blues sees lucky cat paw at her after eating possibly suspect ramen. Gets it through her head that learning discipline can be good and sets off to harass Japanese couple and wins them over after patented TUFF LUV. With (presumably) no children, initially grouchy ramen master opens up to the power of contrived character development and Abby takes over shanty ramen stall to the delight of the neighborhood.

Yup, thanks to the trailer I won’t be lured into watching this timesink.

Source: Japan Probe


~ by djudge on August 3, 2008.

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