Prickly Watermelon

A strange piece out of Saitama Prefecture today involving foreign objects being inserted into grocery foods. The latest in what appears to be a string of four related cases coming out of a single supermarket in Kawaguchi was reported to the authorities through a shopper who had just begun to dig into what she thought was a normal, juicy watermelon.

To her horror, inside one of the wedges happened to be a sewing needle. And not just any old regular sewing needle you can find on your mom’s pin cushion, but one nearly 6 cm in length! That’s about 2 inches!

Thank goodness the shopper managed to pick the barb out of her mouth before injuring herself, which is definitely more than what a few melons in nearby Yamanashi Prefecture could say a few weeks ago. Hmm, I wonder if the same guy is behind both cases…

So, what about you? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in your food? For me, it’s definitely got to be what looked like a loogey in a jug of Minute Maid fruit punch; thing scared me off Minute Maid for a whole year!

Source: Mainichi Daily News


~ by djudge on August 3, 2008.

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