Zombies Lay Waste to Internet

PSN users with JPN accounts, download the developer PV, its... unique

PSN users with JPN accounts, download the developer PV, it's... unique

Well okay, granted a few hardcore PS3 owners who stay on top of upcoming releases have heard of SCEJ’s upcoming top-down rescue title The Last Guy. Those same few folks though probably haven’t heard that the game’s creators have also launched a website dedicating to applying the game’s engine to your favorite webpages. As funny as it sounds, you can actually turn, say, google’s top page into a zombie and giant insect laden deathtrap as you navigate your avatar to and fro in search of hidden survivors.

After giving it a spin for a few minutes, you’ll probably realize that the game doesn’t work too well on websites that feature a strong border on it’s page layout schemes as it blocks you from actually reaching most of the survivors (spawned in for the most part in the middle of pages). Either way, it’s a worthy timewaster with a great soundtrack to boot.

too bad shikashis not the best for a game of TLG...

too bad shikashi's not the best for a game of TLG...

PS: Whoops, I forgot some of you won’t be able to read the controls window since it’s in Japanese. Hold your left mouse button down to dash (fleeing from enemies) and the spacebar to switch to thermal vision (seeking out hidden crowds); they’ll eventually burn out your stamina bar, but are essential for a high score. Also useful is pressing down on ‘c’ as it’ll cause your crowd to bunch around you, preventing the tailend of your gathered survivors from being scattered by enemy attacks. Lastly, make sure to remember that you can also use ‘z’ and ‘x’ to zoom in and out to better survey the webpage you’re playing on.

lol, good luck!

Source: Kotaku


~ by djudge on August 1, 2008.

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