Keanu Reeves is… Spike Spiegel?

In a time when Justin Chatwin can get away with portraying Son Goku without the sheer muscle and Kristin Kruek can pull off Chun-Li without the thigh girth, apparently the next thing on Hollywood’s agenda is to see Keanu Reeves with a Jewish mop popping off a few rounds with a Jericho 941as none other than Spike Spiegel.

I guess the hairs close; whats next? Alex Winter as Jet Black?

I guess he has the hair down here... But what's next? Alex Winter as Jet Black?

Now, unless you’ve been completely oblivious to the visual culture scene (even the miniscule one here in the US) you have HAD to at least heard of Cowboy Bebop, of which Spike is the main protagonist. The show was a huge hit when it first came ashore stateside back in 2001 and has been credited as establishing anime as a more mature artistic medium in the eyes of American viewers. Now several years after it reached its peak popularity, it seems as if the planned 20th Century Fox movie adaptation has received the greenlight to come out into the open sometime in 2010 with Reeves receiving top billing.

Seriously though, can you guys really see this guy pulling off Spike? I mean, c’mon, for real? But he’s not really the first actor that comes to mind when I think of Spike’s nonchalant, tortured spirit.



~ by djudge on August 1, 2008.

One Response to “Keanu Reeves is… Spike Spiegel?”

  1. If you got a little less 80’s and Ted-like, and a little more 2000’s and Constantine-like, yes, perhaps you would see that.

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