Aya’s 3rd Birthday

Aya CG goodness? DO WANT.

Aya CG goodness? DO WANT.

What!? More Parasite Eve!? It’s true, and it looks like it’ll be rolling out sometime next year for something other than Japanese mobile phones.

It was only just this past year that I managed to finally get around to re-playing the original Parasite Eve as well as giving its sequel a spin (almost done too, the Marine Corps just secured the Shelter and set up a base camp). While the battle system seemed oversimplistic and rather juvenile in these first two incarnations (with PE2’s system being only slightly better thanks to being able to control when you fire your weapon), it’s definitely easy to see how Aya Brea managed to get so popular despite starring in games that were neither overwhelming critical or commercial success stories.  She’s a petite blonde, calm and collected, great with a gun, quite able to reduce opponents to ashes, highly resourceful, and has always managed to look great no matter what she’s doing: a definite recipe for success when trying to earn the attention of thousands of fanboys around the world.

Unfortunately for Square Enix, the franchise never really moved enough copies to warrant another go as a console game and was ultimately demoted to being a mobile phone game for its third incarnation. Titled “The 3rd Birthday,” the game was originally announced as under development in 2007 at a company party.

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Fast forward to the DKΣ3713 event which kicked off today in Shibuya, and it looks as if Ms. Brea’s now being promoted to the PSP in addition to her previously schedule mobile phone pitstop. Although the story will be picking up sometime after the events of PE2, it’s been confirmed that the gameplay structure will not be the same as in the first two titles (woohoo!) While not exactly the return her console fans have been yearning for (having been completely shunned out for the entirety of the PS2’s major run), at least this way gamers here in the West stand a much better chance now to follow their starlet’s new adventure.

Source: Famitsu


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